How to Make Your Roof Rise Above the Rest

How to Make Your Roof Rise Above the Rest

How to Make Your Roof Rise Above the Rest

Aesthetic and maintenance problems can plague any roof, whether older or newer. If you don’t see water stains in your home or attic, your roof may just need some TLC and a few pick-me-up projects to stand out and extend its service life. Use these tips from your Greater Kansas City roofers to boost your home’s curb appeal, give home efficiency a lift and help your roof perform to its fullest.

Soft Wash Your Roof

Whether black streaks or mint-green blotches, roof stains are just plain ugly. These stains are actually organic pests that can damage your roof by feeding on the materials in shingles, by gripping shingles and/or by holding water on your roof.

The most effective and safest method to remove organic roof stains is organically and softly — no bleach, phosphates or pressure washing. Eco-friendly biodegradable products are applied to the roof that remove stain-causing organisms from the root. Soft washing your roof won’t damage shingles that pressure washing most certainly does, and no harmful chemicals are used that may damage your vegetation.

Repair and Paint Gutters

Are your gutters sagging, chipping, pulling loose or clogged up? Repairing and painting your gutters can dramatically improve your home’s appearance, and protect your home from water damage from the roof to the foundation. If your gutters are damaged or clogged, your roofers should repair and clean them before painting. Your eaves, fascia and roof will need to be inspected, as well, to determine if there are any additional problems with the roofing system.

Install Solar Powered Roof Vents

Installing solar-powered roof vents doesn’t just mean you’re concerned about the amount of energy you use. Continuous roof ventilation is a smart and effective way to keep your roofing system looking great inside and out.

Your roof needs ample ventilation through the attic to keep attic temperatures from becoming excessively hot or, oddly enough to some, not cold enough during the winter. Excessive heat and moisture damages your roof from the bottom up. During the winter, if your attic is too warm, snow melt refreezes on the eaves and create ice dams, which can damage your roof.

If you are considering any of these projects to help your roof stand out, only hire certified and licensed roofers. For the best results, please contact the professionals at Bill West Roofing today. We’ve provided superior roofing services to our Greater Kansas City area customers since 1980!

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