roof repair: a wise investment or money down the drain

Roof Repair: A Wise Investment Or Money Down The Drain?

Roof repair. Does it make sense? Will it take care of your roofing problems? Or is it nothing more than just a “quick fix”? Homeowners and commercial property managers will face this issue at some point. As a roof deteriorates, a critical repair or replacement decision becomes necessary.

Is it better to repair or replace? What extenuating factors warrant consideration to help make the right choice? More often than not, roof repair cost and affordability determine the direction you choose. The expected roof repair cost and the quoted estimate for replacing a roof will impact your decision.

Is It Wise To Repair A Roof? 5 Reasons Why Roof Repair Is Necessary

close up view of damaged roof showing portion of the underlayment.

When you catch sight of something that appears unsightly, you quickly avert your eyes. The same holds true for a dilapidated roof. No one wants to look at it, and it lowers the value of your home.

The longer you put off a problem demanding attention, the greater the likelihood it will mushroom into something much more dire and extensive.

A homeowner’s insurance policy is based on responsibly managing a home’s upkeep. Negligence and carelessness may void critical policy conditions.

A roof in need of repair is likely underperforming. Consequently, a domino effect occurs, including compromised indoor air quality due to mildew or mold growth, or pest infestation.

In many cases, repairs can be done to restore the roof intact.

Roof Repair Cost: What Is Involved

The price to repair a roof depends on several circumstances, including the following crucial factors:

  • Extent And Type Of Roof Damage
  • Geographical/Regional Location Of Your Home
  • Roof Design (Complexity And Slope) And Features
  • Time Of Season When Repair Is Requested
  • Type Of Roofing Material Involved

Minor Roof Repairs:

On average, minor roof repairs will cost between $150-1,000. Generally, fixing a single leak, replacing a handful of shingles, or patching a few small holes constitutes a minor repair.

Moderate Roof Repairs:

A moderately-sized roof repair typically will cost the homeowner $1,000-2,000. This type of project involves a modest repair that may take a day or two to complete.

Major Roof Repairs:

A significant roof repair requires a sizable outlay of funds of between $2,000-10,000, or more. The work will likely involve structural repairs or partial roof replacement.

6 Questions To Ask When Considering A Roof Repair

Replacing a roof is a significant financial investment. If you plan to put your house on the market in the near future, you should consider your options by consulting with your real estate agent.

Assuming your current roof has a warranty, review its terms and conditions to determine your coverage limits. Depending on how your roof became damaged, you may have a way to recover. Carefully review the terms of any roof warranty.

If your roof has experienced one issue after another, performing yet another repair may be nothing more than a short-term fix. It might be the appropriate time to reconsider your strategy.

If your roof needs considerable repair work, estimated to cost in the multiple thousands of dollars, replacing it may make more sense financially. Acquire a detailed line item estimate for both options.

Often, manufacturers provide specific terms and conditions, such as what repairs are allowed or who can or cannot perform the repairs, which must be followed at the risk of voiding the warranty.

Assuming your existing roof has outlived its expected lifespan or is nearing the end of its shelf life, repairing it may represent “throwing good money after bad.” Consider a replacement.

close up view of extremely damaged roof showing the wood underneath both the shingles and the underlayment

Hiring A Knowledgeable Roof Repair Professional

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to repair your roof. One of those considerations is roof repair cost. Considering all factors, you need an experienced roofer to navigate the options. If you own a home in Greater Kansas City, MO, make Bill West Roofing your first choice.

Bill West Roofing has the knowledge and experience to assist you with your roof repair or replacement dilemma. Our roofing expertise ensures you receive exceptional guidance to make the right decision for your home. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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