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Roof Repair – Big or Small We Repair It All!

Kansas City residents enjoy a wonderful life in America’s heartland, but we also suffer occasional roofing problems as a result of sharing space with tornadoes and large thunderstorms. When your home is in need of roof repair or replacement, our expert roofing team is ready to help.

Metal or Shingle Roof Repair or Replacement

Whether your Kansas City home has a sturdy metal roof or an asphalt-fiberglass shingle roof, Bill West Roofing can handle your home’s roof repair or replacement. An excellent choice in roof replacement is the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System.

CertainTeed Integrity Roof System

Your Kansas City home’s roof has to withstand hail, tornadic winds, rain, ice and snow. CertainTeed, a leading manufacturer of complete residential roofing systems, certifies only the top one percent of roofers as Select ShingleMaster certified. This allows Bill West Roofing to offer the SureStart PLUS 5-STAR warranty from CertainTeed. You get:

  • 50 years non-prorated coverage
  • 25 years of workmanship coverage

The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System combines all these important elements:

  • Shingles
  • Hip and ridge accessories
  • Underlayment
  • Starter shingles
  • Ventilation

Hiring a roofing contractor who is authorized to install the complete system provides you the peace of mind you deserve. Your Kansas City home’s roof replacement will be done completely, professionally, and with a level of protection unmatched by other roofers.

Roof Repair Big or Small

The CertainTeed Integrity System is a must if a substantial portion of your roof needs repair or complete replacement. But that does not mean small repairs deserve less attention, or should be ignored.

Even a single shingle torn loose by wind uplift, blunt impact, or animal activity can destroy the waterproof barrier a roof provides. A leak may be so small as to go unnoticed for days or weeks. Slowly, over time, water infiltrates the underlayment, gets into the roof sheathing, and provides a moist environment for mold and mildew to grow in your attic space.

Bill West Roofing can repair your metal or asphalt shingle roof from a single metal panel or solitary asphalt shingle up to a complete emergency roof replacement.

We Fix Other Roofers’ Mistakes

Often, Bill West Roofing is called to repair shoddy work on metal and shingle roofs. Some of the repair problems we have seen and corrected:

  • Flashing done incorrectly
  • No sealant on flashing
  • Incorrect fasteners used
  • Improper metal roof offset
  • Vents not sealed correctly

Whether your issue is big or small, Bill West Roofing can repair it all.

For more information on the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System or for any other questions you may have, contact Bill West Roofing. Our courteous and professional staff is always available to help you.

 Roof Repair & Replacement

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