How to Know It's Too Late for Roof Repairs

How to Know It's Too Late for Roof Repairs

Your roof is what protects your family and possessions from the elements. This makes it a critically important component of your home. Since the roof is up high and out of sight, it’s easy to put off necessary repairs. This is especially true if you haven’t budgeted for the extra expense. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to postponing roof care. If you wait too long to make repairs, you can end up facing a roof replacement instead.

Warning Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

When a roof reaches the end of its lifespan, there are usually telltale clues of its demise. If you recognize these signs, you’ll know it’s too late to make repairs.

Large or Multiple Leaks

Roof leaks most often show up as water in the attic. If they’re not addressed, leaks can cause extensive interior damage. Whether you have one large or many small leaks, they’ll only worsen over time.

Sagging Roofline

An obvious dip in your roofline is warning you about a serious structural problem. Oftentimes, it’s excessively heavy winter snow loads that cause such damage. A sagging roof needs immediate attention because of the danger of collapse.

Many Missing Shingles

It’s fairly easy to replace a couple of missing shingles without risking future leaks. It’s a different story when you have numerous bare patches due to wind damage. Or, there are curled, broken, or shedding shingles all over the roof. Whether it’s storm or age-related, this kind of widespread damage points to replacement.

Decking and Rafter Decay

Shingles can hide significant structural deterioration up on a roof. There may be decking decay where holes and leaks start to develop. As water gets into the roof system over time, your rafters can start rotting. Before your roof gets replaced, you’ll need to get any such structural issues fixed.

Mold Growth

Water seepage into a warm attic can let mold gain a foothold. Obvious mold growth isn’t easy to get rid of. If it’s inside your ceilings or exterior walls, it can require professional remediation.

High Repair Costs

In extreme cases, the labor and cost of repairs can be close to or even exceed replacement. If this is your situation, having a new roof installed is the logical choice.

For a worry-free roof replacement, you need a local roofer known for high-quality, guaranteed workmanship. To learn how we can help, contact Bill West Roofing, your dependable Kansas City roofer.

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