What You Need to Know about Roof Replacement and Warranties

What You Need to Know about Roof Replacement and Warranties

What You Need to Know about Roof Replacement and Warranties

Few homeowners want to hear a roofer tell them their roof must be replaced. It can be a messy, loud, expensive undertaking. Surely it is better to patch, mend, hope and pray than to face full roof replacement? Well, no, repair does not prevent replacement. And, along with the complexity of a full roof replacement, you get something wonderful: a new warranty. 

Roof Replacement

Whether you have a flat (low-slope) roof or a steep-slope, shingled roof, no roofing material lasts forever. As a roof ages, you contend with increased maintenance costs and decreasing reliability. Will it keep water out through one more brutal winter? Will we see water infiltration and smell mildew this spring?

If you bought an existing home with an aging roof, roof replacement may be the only way to bring peace of mind. You have no idea how the roof was cared for, what repairs were made, or even how old the roof is. A new roof is a known quantity. 

Replacing a roof may require a bit more planning than annual inspection and routine maintenance, but the one-time investment will protect your home and keep your family comfortable for decades. 

Whether your Kansas City home has a steep-slope shingle roof, a low-slope (flat) roof, or a combination of both, replacement begins by selecting the perfect roofing contractor for your needs. A great roofer will offer great warranties. 

Roof Warranties

A new roof receives a new warranty from the manufacturer. Many homeowners do not realize, though, that the best roofing warranties are only offered by the manufacturer to the best roofing contractors. No manufacturer will warrant (insure) an installation done by a contractor known for sloppy, low-quality work. 

Roofing materials companies, such as CertainTeed, extend warranties for materials to every contractor. Only the best contractors are backed by manufacturers willing to warrant their labor — the cost of fixing a mistake or reinstalling a roof. 

A company as prestigious and experienced as Bill West Roofing can offer homeowners the 5-Star CertainTeed Sure Start Plus warranty, which includes workmanship, labor, and materials. This warranty is transferable for 15 years, and includes 25-year workmanship protection.  

Remember, your local, reliable Kansas City roofer is Bill West Roofing. Contact us today to learn everything you need to know about roofing warranties. We can repair or replace your home’s roof and protect it with an outstanding warranty. 

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