Roof Replacement Considerations for Home Buyers

Roof Replacement Considerations for Home Buyers

Roof Replacement Considerations for Home Buyers

When you’re buying a home, you certainly don’t want any costly surprises, such as a plumbing or A/C problem, after you have moved in. Another essential system to consider, which protects all underlying systems, is your roof. So, working with reputable roofing contractors in Kansas City can prevent you from investing in a money pit.

Moreover, if your dream home does need a roof replacement, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Use these tips to help ensure you get the facts and condition about a home you may buy, and be better prepared to negotiate the right terms.

Roof Inspection

There’s more to your roofing system than meets the eye. Underneath the shingles or metal roofing materials are layers of underlayment, decking and rafters. Your roofing system also includes attic ventilation, flashing and the gutters and downspouts.

You should bring in a licensed roofing contractor to inspect the roofing system of any home you are considering buying. Otherwise, you really won’t know the true shape the roof is in. In addition to the age of the roof, which is akin to the mileage of a vehicle you’re thinking of buying, you want to look at repair and maintenance records to get a better estimate of the roof’s expected service life.

Decking and timber need to be inspected for soft spots, decay and even mold growth. The gutters and downspouts need to be inspected for wear, sagging and leaks. The attic, insulation, ceiling and walls are inspected for signs of water seepage. These points and more are included in a comprehensive inspection that covers more than eyeballing the shingles.

Adjusting Your Offering Price

If your roofing inspection reveals repairs or a roof replacement are required, you may adjust your offer accordingly. Once you have a bid on the cost of the roof repair or replacement, you will want to reduce your offering price if you plan to cover the cost yourself.

You may also increase your offering price if the home is already below the market value and covers the roofing costs. Work closely with your trusted roofing contractor for the best results.

At Bill West Roofing, Inc., our exceptional roofing services, accurate estimates and quality work have been a family tradition since we opened our doors in 1980. If you’re searching for roofing contractors in Kansas City for a roof inspection, please contact us at Bill West Roofing, Inc. today!

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