How To Make Your Roofing Emergency Action Plan

How To Make Your Roofing Emergency Action Plan

You might not be able to fully prevent roof emergencies from happening, but having a plan in place can help. When an emergency occurs, you’ll know exactly what to do, which can help minimize the repairs your roof needs. Keep the following in mind when coming up with your roofing emergency action plan.

Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

You don’t need to wait until your roof has storm damage to put your action plan in place. Instead, you can take steps now to lower the risk of dealing with severe roof damage when bad weather hits. This involves scheduling regular roof inspections to ensure your roof remains in good condition overall.

Do a Visual Inspection

After storms pass through, you should visually check your roof for signs of damage. However, don’t go on your roof to do this or go near any downed power lines. Instead, look up from the ground to see if you notice any missing shingles, broken shingles, or other signs of storm damage.

You should also check your home interior for signs of roof leaks, such as water spots on ceilings. If your home is unsafe due to storm damage, make sure you and your family have somewhere else to go until repairs are made.

Call Your Insurance Agent and a Local Roofer

The next step you should take is getting in touch with your insurance agent to get the claims process started. Ask about your deductible and what is included in your insurance coverage. You should also contact a local roofer to have assessments done and get an estimate on how much repairs will cost.

Get Repairs Scheduled

Work with your insurance agent and local roofer to set up roof repairs and ensure they’re started as soon as possible. This helps prevent damage from getting worse, and prompt repairs can also help lower the risk of damage when the next storm hits.

When you’re looking for a roofer, focus on working with a local one. Local roofers who have experience doing emergency repairs can provide you with peace of mind while your roof is being fixed. They generally offer better warranties, and they’ll be around if you have any questions or concerns after repairs are completed.

If you need emergency roof repairs, contact Bill West Roofing right away. We provide roof repairs and other roofing services in Lee’s Summit, MO.

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