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Roofing Safety

roofing safety procedures kansas city blue springs missouri install new repairKeeping our employees and our customers safe is our #1 priority first and foremost.

Safety is great concern for all roofing companies in Kansas City and not taking the time to make sure that a few roofing safety steps are in place before starting your project can be costly!

Before inspecting your roof, doing roof repair work, or walking on your roof for any other reason, there are several recommended safety steps you should take. Often overlooked because most homeowners are unaware of them, these safety procedures can help prevent accidents that can have devastating impacts for those involved for years to come. Taking some time to find out what safety measures need to be in place can help you avoid roofing accidents all together.

Because falling is the number one cause of roofing accidents, OSHA has rules and regulations in place for the safety of anyone working higher than 6 feet off the ground. Among those rules is the recommendation of wearing a personal fall arrest system. This safety harness will prevent anyone on the roof from experiencing serious injury due to falling. If a PFA is not available then scaffolding, guardrails, or a safety net system should be in place at the unprotected edge of the roof.

If you do not have experience working on a roof or access to personal safety equipment, please consider calling a professional roofing company to inspect or repair your roof, especially if it is a steep sloped roof. As a profession, roofers have one of the highest rates of job related injury of any occupation.

Be aware that even lower slope roofs should be respected and treated with caution. Before scaling to the roof top take these steps to stay safe.

Staying Safe on the Roof:

  • Check for moisture on the roof surface. If the surface is wet or icy DO NOT go up on the roof!
  • Wear shoes with good traction. Rubber soled shoes or boots are usually best.
  • Keep all debris, such as sawdust, leaves, etc., cleaned off the roof.
  • Pay attention to anything that could cause you to trip – tools, bundles of shingles, electrical cords
  • Respect the slope of the roof. The steeper the slope, the harder to maintain your footing.
  • USE SAFETY EQUIPMENT that is in good repair! This can include PFAs and hard hats.

If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of your roof, call a reputable roofing contractor. A reputable roof company will have gotten training from OSHA, as well as roofing manufacturers, for the best practices in staying safe when on the roof.

At Bill West Roofing, our employees have had training to keep themselves safe while working on your roof along with access to an array of roofing safety equipment. By making sure our employees work safe we can get your roofing repair or replacement done without worrying about accidents happening. The same care we take for our workers’ safety we take in the quality of workmanship we provide to your roofing project.

When faced with the task of picking a roofing company to work on your property, ask about the safety precautions they may or may not have in place. Bill West Roofing adheres to all of the current OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) requirements. They also take great care in keeping your property and anyone on it safe during construction.

For more information on safe roofing and procedures, Contact Bill West Roofing.

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