Small Shingle Repairs Critical To Your Roof’s Lifespan

Small Shingle Repairs Critical To Your Roof’s Lifespan

Small Shingle Repairs Critical To Your Roof’s Lifespan

When you get a cut on a finger as an adult, you instantly gauge: is it worth a bandage, or can I let it go? You seldom do that with your child’s injuries.

Every boo-boo gets cleaned, a dab of antibiotic cream, and a bandage. Your roof, frankly, is more like your child than an adult. It requires immediate attention when something goes wrong, so even a small shingle repair is worthwhile.

How long can shingle repair wait?

Not long. A shingle roof is not waterproof, and never will be. It is water resistant; the amazing properties of an entire shingle roofing system cause water, snow and ice to leave your roof via the gutters, rather than penetrate your roof through shingle, underlayment, and sheathing.

This means the smallest disruption in that integrated roofing system leaves your roof vulnerable to water infiltration. A classic issue is a dislodged or missing shingle. You can fool yourself into believing the other shingles, or perhaps the underlayment, will prevent water from infiltrating. You cannot fool the roof. It is vulnerable; exposed; weakened.

Enlist a local roofer for fast roof repair, no matter how small the job. Otherwise, without quick and thorough shingle repair even for just one three-tab shingle, water can get past the sheathing, ruin attic insulation, and drip down onto ceiling sheetrock. Mold and mildew can set it in. Suddenly the simple, small shingle repair is an enormous and expensive repair job, including new sheetrock and interior painting.

Should I Wait for One Big Shingle Repair Job?

Some Kansas City homeowners feel comfortable waiting until several issues arise, then inviting a roofer in for a bigger shingle repair project.

Maybe you have missing shingles and loose flashing. You decide to wait a bit for, say, cracked and degraded roof stack boots. Or you could wait until the joint between chimney and roof needs fresh caulk.

Wait, and wait, and wait. Eventually, your attic will harbor black mold, your insulation will be a sodden, soggy mess, and your home’s value will plummet. Do not wait. Have a local, friendly roofer tackle each roof repair job as it comes up.

At Bill West Roofing we understand your concerns about budgets. We also understand how roofs operate. Contact us today to see how we can help you with small shingled roof repair jobs that do not bust your budget while still protecting your roof.

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