How to Smooth The Storm Repair Process On Your Shingle Roof

How to Smooth The Storm Repair Process On Your Shingle Roof

How to Smooth The Storm Repair Process On Your Shingle Roof

There are always going to be storms in Kansas City, MO and while your house is lucky sometimes, there are other times when you might have storm damage repair to deal with on your home. Here are a few things you can do to make storm damage repair go more smoothly.

Stay on the Ground

The first thing you will want to remind yourself of is that you need to stay firmly planted on the ground, even if you think your roof might have storm damage that needs immediate repair. Do what you can to inspect things from the ground and if you aren’t sure, get a professional inspection. Roofs are dangerous either way and if there is storm damage, it can be even more dangerous.

Take Photos and Notes

If you can see damage from the storm on the outside of your home, or even on the inside by way of leaks or water damage, take pictures and notes as to what is wrong. This will help you describe things to professionals who are going to help you and it will help you get things through with the insurance company. If you have photos of your roof or other damaged areas from before the storm, that can be helpful in the assessment process as well. It proves that those items were really damaged in the storm and not from anything else.

Call a Roofing Expert

While you will need to work with an insurance adjuster, you also want expert advice from a roofing company through a free evaluation to see what storm damage repair you need. When you have this advice from a professional, you will be able to get your insurance to come through with more ease. In fact, many roofing companies can work directly with your insurance agency to help make things speedy and easy on you.

If you think you might need storm damage repair, or you at least want to have your roof assessed to be safe, contact Bill West Roofing. We do everything from minor repairs to full roof replacements and we are happy to work on storm damage repair as well. There’s never a convenient time for a storm to roll through and cause damage, but at least you have us on your side to make storm damage repair as simple and easy as possible for you.

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