Energy Efficient Vents

How Solar Powered Vents Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Vents

Once the hot summer weather arrives and the sun is beating down on your home’s roof all day, the temperature in your unfinished attic can skyrocket to 130 degrees, or more. When that extra heat energy transfers down into your finished living space, it’s bound to increase your HVAC equipment’s cooling load and your household energy bills. If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money, having a solar powered vent installed in your attic can keep the temperature under control cost-effectively.

Powered Attic Vent Basics

Warm air rises, so the hottest air in your attic is naturally found up close to the peak of the roof. With a powered vent installed up high in your attic, that hot air gets pushed outside, while cooler outdoor air gets pulled in through the soffit vents. When super-heated attic air is exhausted outdoors, there’s less heat that can transfer down into your home’s conditioned living areas, and this can help lower your cooling costs. Until recently, though, the only powered vents available ran on electricity, so operating the unit ate up most or all of the potential energy savings.

The Solar Powered Vent Difference

Solar powered vents function similar to traditional powered vents, but they don’t run on electricity, so they can provide real energy savings. This efficient type of attic vent is equipped with its own solar panel that collects free energy from the sun and converts it into electricity to run the unit’s high-efficiency motor. Because it’s solar powered, the motor can also run continuously from dawn until dusk for more effective temperature control.
Here’s a recap of some of the efficiency and cost-saving advantages of installing a solar powered vent vs. one that runs on electricity:

  • The unit’s motor runs on sun power, so there are no extra kWh added to your electrical bill, and this can translate into a couple of hundred dollars in savings every year.
  • Removing hot air from the attic can reduce your HVAC energy consumption and your seasonal cooling costs.
  • Since there’s no wiring necessary, you’ll save the cost of hiring an electrician for the installation.
  • Solar powered vents qualify for a credit on your federal taxes of 30 percent of the cost of the equipment and installation, through 2019.

To learn how solar powered vents can boost energy efficiency in your Kansas City home, contact us at Bill West Roofing.

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