Solar Ventilation

Solar Ventilation And The Efficiency Of Your Home

Solar Ventilation

Having a power roof vent installed in your attic is a smart way to clear out super-heated air and excess humidity and help curb your home’s HVAC energy consumption. The main drawback of traditional vents is their energy use, which can increase your utility bills by a couple of hundred dollars a year and offset any potential savings.

Solar-powered vents are an innovative alternative to old-fashioned electric vents. This type of roof vent is powered by direct sunlight that’s collected in a dedicated solar panel, which can be placed up to 25 feet away for optimal energy collection. Traditional vents typically cycle on and off according to a thermostat temperature setting. Solar powered units run automatically from dawn until dusk, so they’re venting your attic even before the temperature rises excessively.

An experienced Kansas City roofing and ventilation contractor can advise you about solar roof vent options that allow you to enjoy benefits like:

Zero Operating Costs Paired With Energy Savings

Solar-powered vents don’t have ongoing operating costs, and they lower your HVAC-related energy consumption, so you’ll save money on your utility bills. You can save even more by taking advantage of the 30 percent federal tax credit offered on new solar vents.

Longer Roof System Lifespan

Ventilating your attic effectively not only helps you save energy, but it also protects your roof system from premature aging caused by heat retention in the summer, and damaging ice dam formation along the roof edge in the winter.

Lighter Carbon Footprint

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, installing solar roof ventilation can help in two crucial ways: the vents don’t use electricity created by burning fossil fuels, plus they decrease your reliance on this kind of pollutant-causing energy production by helping you keep your home comfortable more efficiently.

Ease of Installation

Since these vents don’t rely on your home’s electrical system for power, installation isn’t complicated and there’s no need to have a licensed electrician make costly modifications to your wiring or breaker panel.

Durable Construction

Solar-powered vents from manufacturers like Lomanco and Air Vent are built with quality components for long-term durability, like heavy-duty aluminum or galvanized steel hoods/domes, high-output motors and precision-balanced fans, and they’re backed by excellent 5- to 10-year warranties.

To learn more about improving your home’s efficiency with solar vents, contact us today at Bill West Roofing, your Kansas City roofing, and ventilation experts.

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