Spring Freshness for Your Home

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Many homeowners in the Kansas City area are waiting anxiously for this year’s gardening season to arrive.  In preparation for the spring that is fast approaching, here are a few pre-spring gardening tips to keep you busy:

Clear drainage sites and repair any damaged sides to raised beds

After a long winter, a lot of debris and leaves must have gathered in your drainages. Now is the time to clear the drainages to ensure that spring will get a smooth run-off. Clear vegetation in the ditches and put dead leaves and small branches into your compost. It’s also time to repair any damaged beds.

Get your soil ready

Preparation of the soils must be done as early as possible – now is the best time to start. Tilling when the soil is wet hinders plant growth and is therefore not recommendable. Start by tilling your garden area around 8 to 12 inches deep, removing any rocks and debris. Then add organic fertilizer.

Weed your yard

While the Kansas winter was colder than expected this year, it was not cold enough to destroy the weeds! Promote your lawn and garden by adequately fertilizing and chocking weeds as soon as they begin to grow. (More leaves for your compost!)

Water the plants using cooking water

Unbeknownst to many, cooking water contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that can immensely benefit your plants.  The next time you have left over water after you’ve boiled some vegetables, pasta, or potatoes, cool the water, then feed it to your plants.

How We Can Help

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