shingle roof replacement preparation

How to Prepare for a Shingle Roof Replacement

shingle roof replacement preparation

Fickle weather, severe storms, and blazing heat – there’s really no perfect season for a shingle roof replacement.  When getting your home prepared for a new roof, it’s important to talk to a trusted, local roofing contractor to find out what steps you need to take to be ready. For Kansas City homeowners, the team at Bill West Roofing compiled a short guide on what you can expect before the roofing project begins.

steps before roofing kansas city blue springs missouri install new repairHow to Plan

In order to have the “perfect roof” installed on your home, decide on the features that are most important to you. Some considerations to determine include:

  • Durability – Most manufacturers boast of “durable rooftops.” Decide how long you would like your roof to last for, and communicate that number with your contractor.
  • Warranty – A warranty can greatly enhance the quality of investment that you make in your new roof. Each manufacturer, product, and roofing contractor will be able to offer unique options.  Discuss with your roofer about what is available to you.
  • Colors/styles – Although the cosmetic aspect may not hold the same weight as the more practical concerns, it is important that you enjoy the color of your rooftop – and that it complements your home.

Interview Your Contractor

Many roofing contractors are trustworthy and reliable. Many are not.  Inquiring about the weighty subjects will help you to know in advance whether the roofing process will be seamless or whether it will be riddled with frustration. The roofing contractor you employ should:

  • Carry full insurance
  • Be properly licensed according to local codes
  • Have a local office address
  • Maintain a high rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Provide you with examples of previous work

The Practicals

After you have decided on the right roofing contractor, discuss the following points:

  • Asphalt shingle color, style, and quantity. This is the perfect time to ask your roofing contractor about the pros and cons of each type of asphalt shingle.
  • Set up schedules for reroofing, delivery, and storage of roofing materials. Bill West Roofing will finalize the roofing schedule. Asphalt roofing has several layers and may need several days to install depending on the number of workers, the scope of the project, the weather, etc. The contractor will also inform you about the delivery schedules of the materials so you can prepare your driveway or garage to store the shingles and materials.
  • Protect your attic. If you keep valuables in your attic, some contractors may offer to install a plastic liner in your attic to protect your vents and other items stored there. Others will simply advise you on how to do it. Ask your contractor for assistance if you think you cannot manage any of the preparation steps on your own.

Professional Help

For more information on the steps of a shingle roof replacement, contact Bill West Roofing. We service the roofing needs of Kansas City and the surrounding area and are happy to provide you with a free, no-strings-attached roofing estimate for your residence.

Originally published: December 10, 2012
Information updated: August 10, 2015

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