How Can Storm Damage To Your Roof Be Reduced?

How Can Storm Damage To Your Roof Be Reduced?

When a storm rolls through town, you want your roof to be the one that withstands the wind and rain. Sometimes storm damage is unavoidable, such as after a heavy hail storm or when gale-force wind rips a limb off the neighbor’s tree — but you shouldn’t have to wake up to leaks and missing shingles after the average thunderstorm.

So, how do you make your roof as storm-proof as possible? It all comes down to maintenance. Take care of your roof, and it will take better care of you in all weather conditions.

Roof Maintenance Tasks to Protect Against Storm Damage

You can directly help protect your roof from storm damage by regularly cleaning your gutters, keeping trees trimmed back so they don’t hang over your roof, and reporting any suspected roofing problems to your roofing contractor ASAP. The following maintenance tasks, on the other hand, are best left to the professionals.

Removing Algae

Algae growth weakens shingles and makes them more prone to blowing off in a storm. Your roofing contractor can use gentle methods to remove the algae without further damaging the shingles, and they can prevent further algae growth.

Replacing Curled or Lifting Shingles

Curled and lifted shingles are one step away from blowing off completely. Have your roofing contractor replace them early to prevent leaks and more extensive damage.

Securing Flashing

Flashing, the metal material which surrounds chimneys and vents, is prone to blowing off in a storm. Loose flashing can let rain water seep in behind it. Your roofing contractor can secure or replace the flashing as needed.

Replacing or Repairing Damaged Gutters

Your gutters minimize the risk of leaks by allowing rainwater to drain off the roof. If your gutters are sagging, leaky, or constantly clogging, your roofing contractor can replace or repair them.

Scheduling Roof Maintenance Inspections

To protect your roof against storm damage, schedule annual maintenance inspections. Your roofing contractor will inspect your roof for damage, and they’ll recommend repairs as needed.

Not all roof problems are obvious from the ground. Your roofer is likely to notice issues you would otherwise overlook until after a storm — like peeling flashing and curled shingles.

The best way to address storm damage is to protect against it with regular, professional maintenance. Contact Bill West Roofing in Lee’s Summit, MO to schedule a maintenance inspection with our knowledgeable, experienced roofing contractors.

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