Storms And Your Shingle Roof

Storm damage can come from a number of sources, but primarily through wind or hail damage.

Wind is constantly moving over your roof. From gentle breezes to high-wind weather events. During those events wind speeds will fluctuate and may even change direction. This means that roofing materials can be lifted up, allowing debris to become lodged underneath. Wind-driven rain can cause sloped roof coverings to shift and lift. Rain can then easily slide under the roof covering and directly onto the unprotected roof deck, where it causes leaks and damage to the inside of the home.

Hail also damages your roofing. If you have a shingle roof here are a few things you should know.  Shingles are designed so that the granules block the UV of the sun and protect the asphalt underlayment. As the shingles age the granules fall off over time. As the asphalt is exposed the UV, it dries out and the shingle gets a “potato chip” appearance as the corners start to curl up. A shingle at the extreme end of its life is bubbled in appearance and is brittle to the touch. A 20-year shingle is warranted by the manufacturer to have a useful life, under optimal ventilation conditions, of 20 years.

Hail does several things to your shingle roof. The pounding action of the hail will accelerate granule loss from your shingles which in turn will accelerate how fast your shingles age. In many cases hail will void the manufacturer’s warranty. When your shingles break down it can lead to problems not directly tied to the hail itself, but to issues that arise because of shingle failure.

When storms hit you can trust Bill West Roofing to help you. Our team of inspectors can assess your roof for any damage and work with you and your insurance company to restore your roof to provide the covering you expect.

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