summer roof repair kansas city blue springs missouri install new

Summer Roof Repair in Kansas City

summer roof repair kansas city blue springs missouri install new Summer Roof Repair in Kansas City

With just a couple of days into the month of August, Kansas City locals are still feeling the heat. And while the weather has already cooled down a bit, your roof may have sustained serious damage from last month’s heat wave.

Asphalt shingles found in Kansas City were generally not designed to withstand sustained temperatures like those that came with the recent heat wave. Have your roof checked soon before it sustains further damage. Here are some summer roof repair tips to help you get started:

The roof

Older asphalt shingle roofs are more susceptible to heat damage. In fact, the heat may have worsened the condition of your roof. Three tab shingles are also more vulnerable to heat compared to laminated shingles. If you are not sure about your roof, have a professional roofer inspect your home.

The attic space

Just as important as the roofing material is the roof space. Heat that accumulates in the space under your roof damages the support structure, deck, and the sheathing. This weakens your roof’s structural integrity. In addition, this can bump up your cooling bills by up to 15%.

The contractor

Choosing the roofer is a crucial aspect of your roof repair. Always hire a professional contractor to do the job for you.   Here at Bill West Roofing, we have the knowledge and tools to analyze your repair needs. This helps us identify the main issues with the roof. Only by then should the actual project commence.

Heat damage is commonly characterized by curled and cracked shingles. Granule loss is another common issue with damaged shingle roofs. There may even be a chance that you will need to have your entire roof replaced.

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