The Best Ways To Plan Now for Roof Replacement Cost

The Best Ways To Plan Now for Roof Replacement Cost

The Best Ways To Plan Now for Roof Replacement Cost

Replacing a roof on an older home will add to its value while keeping you safe and dry. A roof replacement might cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the size and pitch of the roof. The average roof replacement cost in the Kansas City area has many variables. 

These include:

  • Size of roof
  • Roof pitch (a steeply pitched roof may require more time and materials)
  • Materials used such as shingles or metal
  • Underlayment repairs and old roof removal
  • Dormer rooms, chimneys and other features
  • New attic insulation requirements

It is a good idea to get quotes from several roofing companies and then estimate how you want to finance a new roof.

Prepare to pay for a new roof

There are several ways to pay for a new roof (excepting cases where insurance covers emergency repairs):

  • Refinance your home if you have sufficient equity
  • Take out a home improvement loan
  • Save in advance for the new roof

Be sure to ask your roofing estimators about tax credits. Some new energy saving roofing materials offer special credits on your income tax returns. Find out if a new roof affects your property taxes.
Newer roofs may do a better job of holding in heat and cool air. This saves on your utility bill.

Learn about materials

Asphalt shingles and metal are the most popular roofing materials. They have different costs and advantages. There are many styles, sizes and colors available in shingles and metal roofing.
You should also inspect your attic area and determine if you need new insulation. This will add to the cost. Check out insulating materials that may also increase your energy savings.

Consult with roofing contractors

Our specialist roofers at Bill West Roofing, serving the Kansas City, Missouri area, will explain the average roof replacement cost along with an estimate for your home. We are a Select ShingleMaster for CertainTeed roofing products. You can customize your desired roof using our Shingle Roofing Decider or Metal Roofing Decider tools.

We will answer your questions about the various types of roofing materials and the warranties that are available. We are familiar with building codes and roofing requirements for certain communities with codes, covenants, and restrictions.

Contact us for more information on replacing your old roof and adding a new look to your home.

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