The Shingle Roofing Replacement Process With Bill West

The Shingle Roofing Replacement Process With Bill West

The Shingle Roofing Replacement Process With Bill West

Having a shingle roof replacement isn’t something you have to do every day as a homeowner…and thank goodness for that.

So it makes sense that when the time comes for a new roof, you might want to know how the process works. When you hire Bill West Roofing, the process is simple.

Roofing Inspection

First, the company will send a trusted representative to your home to inspect your roof. This will help ensure that a shingle roof replacement is really necessary. Sometimes, there might be some repairs that can take place instead. If the roof replacement is something that needs to take place, you will move on to the next step in the process.

Tear Off

Second, Bill West Roofing will tear off the old roof and replace sheathing and fascia board materials as that is needed.


Third, the roof deck will be re-situated and fastened again with a new rubber leak barrier underlayment placed on the entire surface of the roof.

Vents, Skylights, Etc.

Fourth, if you want new skylights, lead boots over plumbing stacks, new vents over exhaust openings and other such things, those will be installed at this point.

Strip Shingles and Final Shingles

And fifth, the wind resistant starter strip shingles are places before the final shingles are laid down.

No homeowner has to worry about what Bill West Roofing will leave behind, either. They do a complete and thorough clean up job so your home and yard look just like it did when they arrived…only with a new, better roof.

When you call for the first consultation and inspection, you don’t have to worry about any obligations. That part of the process is completely free and no one will try to pressure you into anything. You can trust that Bill West representatives aren’t going to recommend a new roof unless it’s absolutely the best way to go. If you move forward with the process and get an estimate, it can even be customized as far as you want it to be. If you know anything about what you want for a new roof, that can be included in the estimate to get as close as possible to the final price.

Whether you know you need shingle roof replacement or not, contact Bill West Roofing schedule a free consultation. We’ll take you through the process with great customer service and ensure you have quality roofing on your home.

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