financing a new roof

The Truth about Financing your Roof

financing a new roof

A roof adds energy efficiency and durability to your home. You want to make sure your new roof not only looks great but is cost-effective as well. You may have limited finances; not to worry, there are many financing options available. Before you sign on the dotted line make sure you know the basics.

Financing Options

One option for financing is a “Home Equity Line of Credit”, otherwise known as HELOC. This type of financing is through your local bank and is a line of credit with a maximum draw amount. This allows you to draw money as needed with the construction phases. Your local financial institution can guide you through this process.

Another option is to use a savings account for the roof. If you know that a new roof is imminent in the next few years, start setting money aside. By allocating a “roof payment” each month into a savings account automatically, you have a nest egg for the new roof.  If the amount is not enough to cover the whole roof, it is a great down payment toward the project.

When the time comes for your new roof, know that many financing options are available. Some roofing companies offer loans, but you should become familiar with their terms. Choosing a locally established roofing company with years of service, like Bill West Roofing, will eliminate the risk. An ethical roofing company will help review all your financing options and recommend the best one for you – even if it is not their own product.

Count on Bill West Roofing

Bill West Roofing happily and professionally replaces roofs in the Kansas City area. Our company has a rich history of satisfied customers and long lasting roofs. We are 35 years strong, serving the greater Kansas City Area in roofing. Quality craftsmanship and professional service are trademarks; we always go the extra mile.

Contact us for a free quote, inspection or questions on financing options.

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