Timberline Shingles: Durable Shingles with an Architectural Flair

Over time, the Kansas City region’s cool to cold winters and long, sultry summers can wreak havoc on your shingles. Exposure to sun, wind and rain takes its toll on any shingled roof. Most homeowners know the obvious symptoms of roof shingles that desperately need replacing: water drip-drip-dripping maddeningly through the ceiling or around a window or skylight into a pot or other container poised below to catch rainwater. Other subtle to severe symptoms, however, indicate the need for replacement shingles: algae or moss growth on old shingles, sloughing granules, cracked, missing or decayed shingles and/or exposed roofing nails. If you note any or all of these, it’s probably high time to replace your roof’s shingles.

If you’re in the market for the installation of a new roof and are interested in dependable shingles with an attractive, sophisticated style, then you might want to consider GAF Timberline shingles as an option. Increasing numbers of homeowners have found Timberline Lifetime Architectural shingles to be an appealing alternative to conventional asphalt shingles due to their striking wood-shake look, heavyweight construction and immediate increase in the curb appeal of your home.

Timberline Shingle Styles

Several types of deluxe Timberline shingles in a variety of color options are available for roof replacements or a new home installations:

  • Cool Series — Timberline shingles that are designed to reflect sunlight and save on energy costs by reducing heat that can build up in your attic
  • ArmorShield II — Impact-resistant shingles that can save on insurance costs from hail or wind damage
  • Ultra HD — Ultra-thick shingles with multi-faceted granules give even more of deep, dimensional wood-shake shingle look to your roof
  • American Harvest — Multi-colored Timberline shingles for color-blending to add even more flair and architectural style
  • HD and Natural Shadow — Shingles with Timberline’s distinctive natural wood-shake look

Timberline Shingle Features

Not only are GAF Timberline shingles attractive, they’re also tough, durable, far less expensive than wood-shake shingles and covered by a lifetime warranty. Other features of Timberline shingles include:

  • 130-mph wind warranty
  • Dura-Grip adhesive seals that securely fasten shingle to shingle and reduce the risk of shingles blown away by the wind
  • Class-A fire rating, the highest rating issued by Underwriter’s Laboratory
  • Protected by StainGuard to prevent shingle discoloration from algae, etc.
  • Proven performance because they are North America’s #1-selling shingles

Replacing roof shingles is a big investment, but one that can ultimately add to the resale value of your home and also enhance its charm.  Since roof replacements are costly investments, its best to have knowledgeable, skilled experts tackle the job. Bill West Roofing has provided exceptional roofing service for over 30 years.

Contact Bill West Roofing to find more about GAF Timberline Shingles or to schedule a free roof consultation today!

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