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Four Walls and a Roof: The Tiny House Trend

A roof over your head — is that enough to call a building your home?

What used to be considered a mere “quirky fad” of tiny houses has bloomed into a consistent trend: an increasing number of Americans of all ages are embracing life in super-small housing. “Small,” in this case, consists of 1,000 square feet or less — often with less than 200 sq ft. 

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The majority of Americans say they would never live in a tiny home. However, 23% stated that they would seriously consider it. This isn’t just happening in off-the-grid rural places, but in urban centers as well.

The local Kansas City roofers have begun to take notice of this trend. It appears that among the population, young adults are most likely to be interested in micro housing; however, retirees are also taking to drastic downsizing for a variety of financial and personal reasons.

The top reasons people go small:
  • Savings, savings, savings!: From lower property taxes to a smaller maintenance (imagine the savings involved in roof replacement for a building the size of a shed!).
  • Going green: Many tiny house owners enjoy a smaller environmental impact and try to live self-sufficiently on their property.
  • Less debt: Most tiny homes have no mortgage and can be built or purchased without borrowing a substantial amount.
  • Mobility: If your career moves you around the country, tiny homes on wheels reduce the stress and financial risk of dealing with typical real estate.
  • Making a statement: Living in a tiny home says something positive about a person’s simplified priorities and interests.

Although only about 1% of homes purchased fall into this category, there are likely many more that exist without records. In the Kansas City area, there are many places where tiny homes can be built without requiring normal building permits. A bit of work with insulation, wiring, and roof replacement on a small pre-fab structure could easily produce livable housing.

The Staying Power of Tiny Homes

As word travels about the tiny house movement, it is worth asking whether the tiny home is, in fact, here to stay? Single folk and couples without children can always save money and hassle by opting for less.

Although the movement towards tinier houses earned much of its momentum to the housing and economic crisis of recent years, the simplicity and serenity of an uncomplicated life will always appeal to people. Perhaps Kansas City will indeed see a boom in micro housing over the coming years.

If you have a tiny home and would like some help improving its livability and durability, give your Kansas City roofers at Bill West Roofing a call.  We have a great team that can help make your tiny building a true home by doing what we do best. Whether you own a tiny home or not, contact us to give you a hand with your roof replacement or repair needs. As a CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster contractor, you can depend on us for all the roofing needs of your home, big or small.
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