How To Easily Transfer Your Roof Warranty When You Move

How To Easily Transfer Your Roof Warranty When You Move

How To Easily Transfer Your Roof Warranty When You Move

Warranties on your roof are sometimes confusing, but the goal is to provide homeowner coverage from materials defects (from manufacturers) or workmanship errors (from roofers). However, contractors and manufacturers have different warranties, qualifying situations, coverage periods, and transfer requirements.

Therefore, it’s best to talk to your roofer about their product and craftsmanship warranties to understand the different aspects of your roof replacement.

Can You Transfer Roof Warranty?

Yes, most manufacturers have transferable roof warranties, but many only allow a one-time transfer. It means the warranty is only transferable between the original owner (who had the roof installed) and the next owner. Therefore, if the new homeowner sells the property quickly, they cannot transfer the warranty even if it’s still active.

If you sell or buy a home in Lee’s Summit, MO, a roof’s warranty transferability is a positive selling point. Roof warranties could potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars in roofing repair and replacement costs.

How to Transfer a Roof Warranty                  

The process of transferring a roof warranty begins before you sell your home. Notify the roofing contractor and the manufacturer of the change in homeownership. Ensure the process stays within the transfer window (and pay any monetary fee if required) to complete the transfer.

If you buy a new home or replace your roof, confirm and verify the actual coverage of your roof warranty. Consider the following:

  • Find out what the warranty covers.
  • Not all roofers legitimately offer premium warranties. Premium manufacturers such as CertainTeed and GAF require a high level of certification and training before roofers can grant their warranties to customers.
  • Verify the roofing contractor registered the warranty to allow it to be transferred.
  • Learn how to transfer a roof warranty.
  • Notify the manufacturers and roofer of the transfer within the stipulated time – where required.

Getting the most from a roofing warranty involves asking your roofing contractor the right questions, following the rules stipulated, and reading the fine print. In the end, ensure you have a dependable warranty and know how to transfer it.

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