trusted kansas city roofers offer tips on algae growth on roofs

How to Treat Algae on your Roof

trusted kansas city roofers offer tips on algae growth on roofs

One of the most common questions we get at Bill West Roofing concerns algae growth on roofs.  Every week or so, a homeowner contacts us asking why there is staining, streaking, or dark spots on their roof.  These signs usually indicate algae growth.  Fortunately, the staining itself does not effect your roof negatively other than the cosmetic appearance – it does not mean that you need a new roof!

What causes algae growth?

Algae forms naturally during the hot, humid days of summer.  Generally, two types of algae may form: the “black algae” and just regular old greenish moss. These normally occur in the more humid climates of the U.S.

Can the algae damage my shingles?

Black algae looks like black streaks running downward on the shingle roof but does not damage the shingle.

Airborne algae (from trees, ponds, grass, etc.) can cause some damage results from the moisture that is trapped on top of your roofing system. Consistent moisture can lead to premature decay.

Check for moss!

Moss, however, can grow into the shingle and cause damage if not taken care of.

Cleaning & maintenance

Algae and moss alike can be carefully cleaned from the rooftop by a professional contractor, or even by a homeowner who has proper equipment and adheres to current safety procedures. Always consult with a professional before attempting any DIY maintenance, as algae and moss retain moisture and make the rooftop a treacherous place to be.

Prevent algae growth from the start

The best way to avoid algae growth on your roof is to be sure that your new roof boasts of an algae-resistant shingle.

One of the most trusted roofing manufacturers, CertainTeed, calls their algae warranty “Streak Fighter.”  This warranty comes in 10 and 15 year coverage lengths, and is advertised on shingle roofing products with a unique copper coating on the granules that resists algae formation.  Note: the warranty is limited to 15 years even on lifetime shingles, because the copper coating will eventually wear off long before the shingle wears out.

Contact trusted Kansas City roofers for more information

If you are tired of an ugly roof and are looking for alternative means to treat algae growth, contact the team of Kansas City roofers at Bill West Roofing.  We have been servicing the roof repair and replacement needs of area homeowners for many years.

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