types of shingles

Types of Shingles: What They Mean for Your Home

types of shingles

If you are a homeowner in the Kansas City area considering roof replacement, it pays to do your homework in regards to find out which shingles will best meet your needs. With a wide range of colors and styles available to fit every budget and home decor, you’ll be impressed with the quality of shingles on the market today, including the 3tab, architectural, and designer shingle collections. 

Each Manufacturer offers its own classification of shingles.  Though each category may be labelled differently, they run roughly into three groups: the basic, flat, 3tab shingle; the architectural shingle, which offers more depth and aesthetic appeal; and a higher “designer” shingles category, which contains specialty shingles, often designed to imitate a different type of roofing, such as shake or slate roofing.

For this article, we’ll look at CertainTeed’s classifications, and what they mean for your home:

Traditional Shingles are Simple and Affordable

With a 25 year limited warranty and withstanding winds of 150mph in tests, 3tab shingles are typically your most economical shingles. Colors range from energy efficient white to charcoal, as well as rich shades of brown, ensuring there’s a shade that will enhance the appearance of every home.

CertainTeed also offers the Patriot shingle in this category, which has a little more depth than the other 3-tabs.

Designer Shingles are a Step Up

If you love the clean-cut look of slate roofing, you’ll love the option available for you in this category, with the Highland Slate shingle.  This shingle comes with a lifetime warranty, and adds class to any home with its striking appearance.  Also in this category is an architectural series, the Landmark series. Since the layers of architectural shingles are more than 50% thicker than economy versions, its no surprise that they also come with a limited lifetime warranty, allowing you to enjoy excellent protection for your home for decades to come.

Premium Designer Shingles Offer a Wide Range of Looks

Homeowners seeking the look of classic slate, ceramic tile, wood-shake, and more without the high cost need look no further than the types of shingles provided in the designer collection. With a limited lifetime warranty at an incredibly affordable price, you’ll be able to grace your home with the look of luxury. This category is reserved for the most beautiful and durable of shingles offered by CertainTeed.  Their appearance is unmatched and the quality is unbelievable.

When you are ready to upgrade the roof on your Kansas City home, the professionals at Bill West Roofing are ready to help you. It can be tough to figure out which shingle will be the best option for your home – we are able to help, with our industry knowledge and passion for helping our customers receive the right product.

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