shingle roof repair dos and donts

Roof Repair Do’s and Dont’s

shingle roof repair dos and donts

Hiring a roofer for the first time is a daunting task. Make the wrong choice, and you put yourself at risk. Here are some quick tips to help you land the perfect roofer.

what to do and what not to do for roofing repair kansas city blue springs missouri new installDON’T hire an unlicensed roofer

This is the number one rule when hiring contractors!

Make sure the roofer you’re hiring is duly licensed by the Kansas City Building Department. You can ask for a license number outright – or check with the building department.

Hiring unlicensed roofers is very risky, especially for major tasks. Unlicensed contractors almost always don’t have the proper training and knowledge to deal with roofing tasks. Although some Kansas City roof repair contractors charge less than professional ones, you put you and your property at risk

DON’T hire an inexperienced company

You’re better off hiring a roofing company with at least 10 years of experience. These roofing firms have the know-how and intuition younger firms lack.

Sometimes, this can make all the difference between a roofing project that lasts – and one that does not.

DO check for insurance coverage

Before signing the papers for a roof repair (or full replacement) project, make sure that the roofing contractor is adequately insured.

Contractors are required by law to carry a general liability insurance of 1 million dollars. Anything less is already a violation. A licensed contractor should have no problems with this.

DO check the estimate

Estimates are a great way to see how a roofing company gets things done. A good estimate is concise and easy to understand.

This estimate should fit roughly into the budget that you discussed with the contractor.  If necessary, ask for a comparison of multiple estimates so you can see the difference in price and material quality with a low-end quote and a high-end quote.

DO ask for a lien release form

A lien is a claim on your property should a roofer not be able to pay its loan with its supplier and individual contractors. It’s basically an assurance your roofer gives to its supplier and crew. While liens are very common among roofing projects, be sure that a lien release form is filed right after you give the final payment.

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