How To Understand What Your Roof Repairs Will Cost

How To Understand What Your Roof Repairs Will Cost

How To Understand What Your Roof Repairs Will Cost

If your roof needs repairs, you’re going to want to get the best repair for your money. However, you can’t tell how much a roof repair is going to cost just by looking at it.

  • A roof that looks more or less fine on the outside might be significantly more damaged underneath.
  • A steeply pitched roof will take more time (and cost more to repair as a result) than one that is less so.

It’s a good idea to learn what goes into the cost of a roof repair, so you won’t be surprised when your roofer gives you a quote. Here are some common items that go into a roof repair’s cost; some you might expect, some you might be surprised by.

Roofing materials

You’re probably not surprised that it costs money to acquire the materials needed to repair a roof. But roofers need more than just shingles and nails. Underlayment, flashing, sheathing, and gutters often need to be replaced. Higher quality materials cost more, but will also be more durable. Be sure to discuss the costs and benefits of different roofing materials with your roofer.


The amount of damage that needs to be repaired is the single biggest factor in determining the cost of a roof repair. A heavily damaged roof will require more labor and more materials – it could even mean a full roof replacement. That’s why getting a roof repaired before it is heavily damaged can be a cost-effective idea’ getting a repair done sooner might save you money on a more extensive repair later on.

Roof shape

The pitch of a roof can significantly affect the cost of a repair. A steeply pitched roof requires the use of more safety equipment and adherence to more precautions which can extend the duration of the repair.

A reliable roofer will give you a transparent, detailed quote, one with all the costs explained so you know exactly what needs to be done and at what cost. If you live around Lee’s Summit and need a roof repair done right, Bill West Roofing is the right roofer for you. We offer fast, professional roof repairs, a must for any homeowner. Whether you need a few missing shingles replaced or a complete roof replacement, we will make sure your home will keep out the elements, no matter the time of year. Connect with us today!

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