5 Reasons Why Clean Gutters Are Important

5 Reasons Why Clean Gutters Are Important

5 Reasons Why Clean Gutters Are Important

Cleaning gutters is an important way to keep your house protected. Procrastinating on gutter cleaning can cause many problems to arise from the accumulation of leaves, sticks, rocks, and other debris. Clogged gutters can prevent the smooth run-off of rainwater, which can compromise your home’s structure and family’s health. Here are 5 more reasons why cleaning your gutters is important.

1. Roof Damage

When water pools in clogged gutters, it will start to collect on the bottom of the roof. This can result in moisture buildup and the chances the wood will rot. When your roof begins to rot it can lead to wet insulation, growth of mold, and structural damage.

What’s more, water sitting on your shingles and roof valleys will cause roof leakages and damage. Repairing a damaged or rotted roof, ceiling, or floor is an expensive undertaking.

2. Keep Out Pests

Rodents and insects thrive in damps areas. If water remains in your gutters for long it will create an environment appealing to termites, mosquitoes, and other pests. The problem could be worse if the pests find their way into your home, endangering your family’s health. Proper gutter cleaning will keep pests from infecting your house.

3. Damage to Fascia

Fascia is the long, straight board running along your roof’s lower edge right behind your gutter. If your gutters are overflowing, they will spill water over the fascia board, which will eventually rot. Deteriorating and damaged fascia will give pests direct access to your attic. Cleaning your gutters helps prevent water overflow and damage to this important component of your roof system.

4. Overwatering Garden Beds

If you have a variety of plants in your garden, it won’t do any good seeing your efforts going to waste because of a malfunctioning gutter system. This is likely to happen if your gutter is clogged to the extent that water is spilling into your garden beds and damaging your plants by drowning them. Too much water can be as harmful as not enough water. A simple gutter cleaning helps make sure your plants remain healthy.

5. Cracks in the Foundation

Water can do massive damage to your home’s foundation. If the gutters and downspouts are not properly directing rainwater away from your house, the water saturates the ground around the foundation. Excess ground moisture can render the home unstable as the foundation shifts and settles continuously. Pooling rainwater can also end up freezing, expanding, and generating cracks in your foundation. The damage could cost you a fortune to fix. Keeping the channels of rainwater clear will ensure the foundation of your home remains intact and your family safe.

Dirty and clogged gutters are a ticking financial time bomb. Take the pressure off and schedule your gutter cleaning now. Bill West Roofing offers professional gutter inspection in Lee’s Summit, MO and can help keep your system in great working condition throughout the year. Contact us to schedule your gutter cleaning appointment today!

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