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Why Roof Shingle Color Matters; What Color Roof Shingle Is Best

Homeowners consider every aspect of the house during construction or renovation projects. One commonly asked question by homeowners is, “What color shingle is best for my house?” Let me show you why roof shingle color matters!

When installing a new roof, consider your house’s shingle color. A standard roof will last several decades. As such, it should have the proper representation of your home.

Different factors could influence your roof choice color. Some of these factors are vital and could affect your roof quality and durability.

What are the most common roof shingle colors, and what should you factor in when installing a new roof color? More importantly, what common mistakes do homeowners make when choosing a roof color? Read on for a comprehensive guide on roof color selection.

Why is choosing the right shingle color important?

Whether installing a new roof or doing a maintenance overhaul, the roof color is a critical aspect. The aesthetic quality is a significant consideration of the roof color. However, carefully considering several options is important before settling on a color.

For example, some colors are poor conductors of heat. If you use some of these colors, you may spend much more on your heating and cooling bills. Additionally, some colors are poor at reflecting external heat and may prove problematic in colder months and when snow accumulates.

Most popular roof shingle colors

When choosing a color for your roof, you’ll consider countless factors. For example, if you’re in Kansas City, MO, you may consider the weather and light conditions before settling on a color. Over the years, many homeowners have used the house color to considerably influence roof shingle color.

Here’s a brief look at how the house color influences the choice of your roof color;

  • Red house –Black, dark brown, green, and grey roofs
  • Brown house – Blue, brown, and grey roofs
  • White house – Almost all colors, including black, blue, brown, white, grey, and green roofs
  • Log or weathered wood house – Grey, black, and brown roofs.

These color matches give you a general idea of the available options. A roofing expert near you can guide you on the best roof shingle color for your home. Bill West Roofing is the premier solutions provider in Kansas City, MO. Get professional roofing solutions from an expert with over 40 years of experience.

4 Factors to consider when choosing shingle colors

Given the vitality and lifespan of a roof, you want to get it right the first time. In Kansas City, MO, Bill West Roofing will assist you with color selection. The team of professionals will run different color ideas and test how well they match up with your house.

Here are some of the leading factors to think about when selecting shingle colors for your house;

  1. Aesthetic value As mentioned above, the lifespan of a quality roof can push several decades. While you can make minor changes during renovation and maintenance, you won’t be able to change the shingle color easily. Ensure you get a roof color that complements the house. Ideally, ask yourself if you’d still like how the color looks 30 or 40 years from now.
  2. Climatic conditions Your region’s climate and weather patterns go a long way in influencing the right color choice for shingles. In colder climates, for example, homeowners mainly use darker shingles. Dark-colored roofs can absorb more light and heat from the sun, even in winter. On the other end, hotter climates consist of many houses with lighter shingles. A light-colored shingle is reflective and absorbs little heat. This is an especially useful aspect during summer and hotter months. Other natural surroundings and environmental elements can also guide your decision.
  3. Architectural design Your home’s design can also influence the type and color of shingles you use. Some architectural designs blend better with specific roof colors. Many contemporary house designs blend architectural styles to accommodate many roofing colors and styles. Roofing experts in your region can help you identify the best color combination to match your house design with different colors. A Tudor design house, for instance, could work brilliantly with lighter shingles as they accentuate the design’s softer tones. 
  1. Local regulations Before you can settle on a choice for your roof color, you should check what the local regulations and guidelines say. Some homeowners associations, for instance, advise against using specific colors in the house exterior and roof.

Are you thinking about changing your roof or installing a new one? What color works best for your home? Contact Bill West Roofing today for all your roofing needs in Kansas City, MO. You’ll deal with a professional team dedicated to installing the best roof for you.

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