Why You Need to Consider a Roof Warranty for Your New Roof

Why You Need to Consider a Roof Warranty for Your New Roof



Having a new roof installed is a major investment, but it’s something you’ll likely only do once or perhaps twice over the years. Since a roof replacement is such a rare event, you may not understand the importance of choosing the right warranty coverage to fully protect your investment. Learning some roof warranty basics and the different coverage options can help you make an informed decision.

Why Having a Good Roof Warranty Matters

Like most types of building products, better quality roof shingles typically have longer warranties. However, because installation plays such a large role in shingle performance, manufacturers only offer their best warranties if the installation is performed by one of their factory trained and certified roofing contractors.

This correlation between installation quality and the level of coverage from your shingle manufacturer makes it essential to choose your installer wisely and weigh all your warranty options.

Reasons Why Extended Roof Warranties Make Good Sense

To benefit fully from your investment, you should choose the highest quality material within your budget, and have your new roof installed by a manufacturer-certified professional. Here are three reasons why opting for a better warranty pays dividends over the long term:

  • More comprehensive coverage. A standard shingle warranty only covers the material against manufacturer defects, and not other roof system components like flashing, vents, underlayment, water shield and labor costs. An upgraded warranty can give you non-prorated coverage for the entire roof system, as well as the installation workmanship. If the problem is due to poor workmanship, you’ll lose out on limited warranty coverage.
  • Transferability to new owners. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, a new roof that comes with a transferable warranty can make the property more attractive to home buyers. In most cases, a new owner has no roof warranty when they buy an existing home, so having one in place can boost a buyer’s confidence level and increase your home’s value.
  • Warranty longevity. The length of basic warranties varies depending on the exact type and grade of shingle you choose. In comparison, an upgraded warranty can give you non-prorated coverage for 20 to 50 years, as well as coverage for a needed tear-off and disposal, materials and labor, and up to 25 years of workmanship coverage.

To learn more about your roof warranty options in the Kansas City area, contact us at Bill West Roofing.

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