insurance claim for a shingle roof repair

Will My Insurance Cover a Shingle Roof Repair?

insurance claim for a shingle roof repair

If your roof has undergone some sort of damage (i.e. hail, hurricane) or it has noticeable wear due to old age, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. A damaged roof can lead to a host of issues including pests, flooding, and wasted energy. At this point, you may wonder whether or not insurance will cover the cost of the repair or replacement.  Most homeowners insurance policies will cover some or all of the repair costs for your roof – with some stipulations.

shingle roof repairShingle Roof Repair vs. Replacement

The extent of the damage largely dictates whether or not insurance will cover a full roof replacement. If repairs will fix the roof damage, an insurance company will choose this route, rather than a full replacement project.

Covered Perils

The cause of the damage will also dictate the amount of coverage that you currently have.  Look for the “covered perils” section of your homeowners policy to find out what will qualify, and what will not.

Most policies fall into one of two categories: Named Peril Insurance, which only includes the repairs outlined in the policy, and All Risk Insurance, which covers all types of repairs except for damage that is specifically excluded.

Check with your insurance agent to find out the details of what you are insured against.

Age and condition

Many insurance policies have age and condition requirements for roof repair and replacement. For example, if your roof is over 10 years old, you may not get full reimbursement for the original value of the roof – but you will be covered for the depreciated value of the roof. Other policies will cover a full roof replacement minus the deductible.

Action Steps

If you notice that your roof may have suffered damage, contact Bill West Roofing immediately.  We will send a team out to inspect and let you know the status of your roof’s condition.  We’ve worked with many insurance companies, and will be able to help get you through the claims process, coordinating with the insurance adjuster to make sure that you get the best service for your coverage.

Bill West Roofing serves the greater Kansas City, MO area, repairing and replacing shingle, flat, and metal roofs. To learn more about our shingle roof repair services and whether or not you’re eligible for insurance coverage for your repair work, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (816) 295-6299.

We can set up a free roof consultation at your earliest convenience.

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