Blog Image of Your Local Roofing Expert: Bill West Roofing

Your Local Roofing Expert: Bill West Roofing

Blog Image of Your Local Roofing Expert: Bill West Roofing

An internet search (these days, is there any other kind?) for a Kansas City roofer will reveal more than 40 options for a homeowner.

How can you be sure you are placing your home’s roof in the best hands? Your Kansas City home’s roof, after all, protects your family, your possessions, your pets, and the rest of your home itself. You have to trust your roofer more than just about any other contractor.

Exceptional Service

Some “local” roofers are in fact franchises of national chains, beholden not to local customers but some central office, far away. They may provide adequate service, but they lack the local know-how to treat Kansas City homeowners right. Our roofing company may not be the biggest, but it is the best at customer service.

For some roofers, callbacks (when some small matter needs to be addressed) become enormous burdens. Not so at Bill West Roofing. If you find something which concerns you, we will come back to take a look. We want to make sure you are completely happy with the outcome. It is not some “standard operating procedure” out of a manual; it is just who we are.


The roofing industry is not littered with “9th Place Participation” trophies and “Best Smile” ribbons. Certifications in roofing are earned by passing rigorous inspections, submitting exhaustive documentation, and gathering hundreds of hard-won customer reviews.

Bill West Roofing is immensely proud of being voted Best Roofing Company three years in a row by real customers, by the fine people who picked us out of 17 contenders in the 2017 Examiner Reader’s Choice awards.

From manufacturers, we have been recognized with these certifications:

  • GAF Contractor Certification
  • VIA (Vinyl Siding Institute) Site Certification
  • Dreamhome Certification for Mastic Home Exteriors
  • GAF Master Elite™ Certification for Mastic Siding


Manufacturers of roofing materials do not extend their strongest warranties to every roofer. A warranty is, at its core, an insurance policy against two issues:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Installation errors

Only roofers who have shown long experience, dedication to customer service, and financial stability are permitted to offer a roofing material company’s best, longest, and most comprehensive insurance policies. A warranty from a manufacturer often covers only processing defects, as if the roofer would not notice a shingle package missing half its granules and install it anyway, for example. Seldom will a manufacturer also cover labor costs for the installer’s work.

Seldom, that is, unless the roofing installer has passed the manufacturer’s strict review. CertainTeed, one of the nation’s best manufacturers of roofing, backs up installation by Bill West Roofing with its SureStart PLUS™ 5-STAR Coverage, which includes 50 years of non-prorated coverage and 25 years of workmanship coverage.

That is among the very best warranties available anywhere and provides you the peace of mind you need to know your roof is fully, truly protected.


A roofing company will, usually (but not always) be very good at roofing. Some roofers will also offer to help with parts of your home related to roofing, like gutters. Beware the “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none” roofer who not only does roofs, but handles skylights, siding, snow removal, swimming pools, garages, swing sets, patios, sandboxes — you get the idea. Nobody can be experts at everything.

With Bill West Roofing, we concentrate on roofing and the gutter systems which back up the roof. We do these jobs very well:

  • Roofing — Shingles, low-slope roofing
  • Roof repair — Prompt service, including emergency repair
  • Gutters — Water rolling off your roof has to get away from your foundation; properly functioning gutters are essential

Green Roofing

We all share the same sun and sky. We all depend on the same natural resources, so green roofing makes sense. It makes economic sense as well as environmental sense. At Bill West Roofing, we recycle all roof construction materials possible, putting as little in landfills as we can.

We also provide solar-powered attic ventilation, so you can keep your attic air moving (which preserves your roof) without adding to your electric bill or consuming fossil fuels.

Bill West Roofing cares not only about you and your Kansas City home; we care about the world we leave our children. We care about the Missouri environment and hope you do, too.

If you, as a Kansas City homeowner, find yourself needing expert advice on roof repair, roof replacement, or annual roof maintenance, we hope you will contact us at Bill West Roofing. We are ready to assist in any way we can, whether you have questions about warranties, brand names, or our customer service. Your home’s roof is the ultimate protection for nearly everything you own. You must be able to trust the company you choose to protect your roof. We are prepared to earn your trust.

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