Aaron West

My family has always been my priority. I have 2 wonderful girls and a wonderful wife of 8 years. I started working for Bill West Roofing at age six. My father tied a rope around my waist and tied me to shingles, and off I went. Mom wasn’t crazy about it but I very much enjoyed working with my father. I ran a crew in the summer time away from college to keep in shape for college football.  After college I worked full time for Bill West Roofing, running crews and doing repairs.  Then my father brought me in the office and the real work began. Before I met my wife I was a scuba diving instructor at The Dive Shop in Merriam, KS.  I’m still a instructor there but only as needed; my kids are young and I want to spend my free time with my family. My primary role in the company is COO,  estimating, and day-to-day office tasks and advertising.  Our goal is to grow the business to its greatest potential without sacrificing quality.

My credentials include:

  • CertainTeed MSA
  • CertainTeed QM
  • PRAC
  • VSI Certified Siding Insaller

Bill West

I started out on the commercial side of roofing; working union for a few years before starting Bill West Roofing full time.  I am a family man; my wife Pam and I have adopted 4 kids and have one birth son. I love to work and make everyone happy as can be and I strive for excellence in everything. I am the CEO of Bill West Roofing. I share many responsibilities with Aaron and I also handle the crew credentials and estimates.









Sales & Project Management Staff

  • Greg

  • Bob