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When it is time to replace a roof, Bill West Roofing is the contractor to call. Bill West Roofing provides roof replacement in the greater Kansas City area. You can count on integrity, hard work and quality craftsmanship. We proudly provide re-roofing service to Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Independence, Liberty, Raytown and all of Johnston County.

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There are times when repair is enough to resolve roofing problems. After a thorough assessment by our roofing professionals, recommendations will be made as to whether repair or replacement is required. Our professional and courteous staff is available to offer you the highest level of customer service available in the area.

Roof Replacement Options

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There are signs that indicate that your shingle roof may be ready for replacement. After a thorough roof inspection, our Kansas City roofing contractors will accurately diagnose whether your shingle roof needs replacement, or if repair will resolve any issues or problems. Find out more about Shingle Replacement. We have over 40 years of experience roofing Kansas City and the surrounding areas, which ensures a job done well by local roofers you can trust. We are Certainteed® Certified Roofers, which allows us to offer you the best products, service, and warranties available for your new roof.
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Shingle Roof Replacement

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Industrial Roofing in Kansas City
Bill West Roofing has the experience you want when replacing a flat roof system in the Kansas City area. The specifications for flat and low slope roofing are more complicated than pitched roofs. Their complexity requires training and experience. Let our knowledgeable team of professionals show you the difference quality, experience, and attention to detail can make. Call Bill West Roofing for your light commercial flat roof replacement.

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Roof Repairs

Sometimes all your roof needs is a simple repair. If you think you can bypass a total roof replacement, we will assess the damage on your roof, evaluate the ramifications of that damage, and recommend the best roofing solution based on those needs. Roof repairs more likely to be the best option after storm damage – or any circumstance that would only damage a portion of your roof. If your roof’s age and natural wear and tear are the reason for your call, a roof replacement is more likely what will need to happen. These, however, are general rules and are certainly not always the case.

Roof Repairs



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Gutters protect your home from water damage by shedding water away from the foundation. Gutters on your home can face a variety of problems, including sagging, parting seams, rust or dings, holes and wind damage. Ice dams can also build up in your gutters, causing permanent damage. Many of these issues require the replacement of your gutters. Ignoring gutter damage can lead to structural damage of your home, driveway, landscaping, and foundation. For gutter replacement, contact Bill West Roofing today. We install seamless gutters at reasonable prices.

Gutter Replacement



How To Finance a New Shingle Roof

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Your roof is one of your home’s top defenses to protect it from the elements. Replacing your home’s roof will be one of the larger investments you will make as a homeowner, and it is certainly worth the investment. But what if you do not have the savings or the cash flow to finance a new shingle roof? Financing your roof replacement could be the answer for you. Here’s how to get started! […]

What You Need to Know about Roof Replacement and Warranties

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Few homeowners want to hear a roofer tell them their roof must be replaced. It can be a messy, loud, expensive undertaking. Surely it is better to patch, mend, hope and pray than to face full roof replacement? Well, no, repair does not prevent replacement. And, along with the complexity of a full roof replacement, you get something wonderful: a new warranty.  […]