An overhead view of a home with asphalt shingles and a ridge vent installed by Bill West Roofing

Shingle Roof Repair

Long Lasting Shingles

Bill West Roofing provides Shingle Roof Repair to Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Shingles are the most popular type of roofing, primarily because they are an inexpensive, fairly long-lasting roofing option. Shingles are an affordable option for many homeowners and they are available in a variety of styles. Although shingle roofs can last many years, there comes a time when damage or wear occurs and repair is needed. We’ve been providing the Kansas City area with shingle roof repair for over thirty years and we have seen it all. Trust Bill West Roofing for your shingle roof repair contractor work.

An overhead view of an asphalt shingle roof with a new ridge vent installed by Bill West Roofing.
A damage roof showing where the nail has separated from the shingle during a storm or high winds.

Roof Inspection & Estimates

Our professional Kansas City area roofers will assess your repair needs and provide you with a prompt estimate. Sometimes repair is all a roof needs to extend its life for several more years. When repair work is no longer cost effective, a roof replacement may be advised. It is our goal to provide you with the service that is needed, not to try and sell you something you don’t need. If replacement is necessary, our roofing professionals will discuss all of your replacement options. We will help you find a shingle replacement option that fits your style and budget.

Below you will find some of the common shingle roof repair problems that we encounter in the Kansas City area. If your roof is in need of repair, contact Bill West Roofing today.

Punctures in Roof.

A roof puncture is caused when weight and pressure combine to make holes in the roofing material. Leaks often occur because of small punctures on your roof.

Granules Loss.

Roofing granules serve as an extra layer of protection for your roof shingles and home. Granule loss is caused by drying out of the oils in the shingles, weather elements, or people walking on the roof regularly.

Broken or Torn Shingles.

Roofs wear out over time and become damaged, even when they are perfectly installed. A torn or broken shingle can expose the underlayment and roof deck to harsh weather conditions.

Shingle Roof
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