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Shingle Roof Replacement

Shingle Replacement

Our success here at Bill West Roofing is strongly based on the reputation that we have fostered over the past 46 years for providing customers with the best service and the highest quality workmanship in Kansas City. We understand that your roof is one of the most important features of your home and that the last thing you want to do deal with is unnecessary maintenance or repairs. This is why we provide the best shingle roof replacement service, backed by the best shingle warranties that you will find. A properly installed roof using high quality products should last at least 20 years. We proudly install CertainTeed Roofing systems.

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The Shingle Roof Replacement Process

Once we have decided that a shingle roof replacement is your best course of action, we will undergo a comprehensive process to replace your old roof. The following are a few of the steps that we will undertake:

We inspect your roof in order to make sure that a shingle roof replacement is required. We wouldn’t want to force you to replace your roof if less costly repairs will fix the problem. However, we want to make sure that any repairs that are made are long-term repairs and not just short-term solutions. We will look for signs that your roof needs to be replaced, such as shingle curling, algae growth, damaged flashing, missing shingles or granules, shingle buckling or rotting before we will recommend a shingle roof replacement.

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We will tear off the old roof. We will remove as well as replace all sheathing and fascia board if necessary.

The entire roof deck will then be inspected and nailed if needed. A new rubber leak barrier underlayment will be installed onto the entire roof surface.

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We will install new skylights, new vents over your exhaust openings, new edge flashing and new valley metal down the roof’s valley areas.

We will install starter-strip shingles that are wind resistant before carefully installing asphalt/fiberglass shingles that are fungus resistant.

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In order to ensure that we have done the best possible job installing your new shingle roof, we will schedule a certified inspector to do a full warranty inspection of your roof.

When it’s time for shingle roof replacement, Contact Bill West Roofing. Our focus is on quality roofing and great customer service.

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